Here is our list of the most Popular Concealed Carry Pistols under $300. For some mythical reason, the number 300 seems to be the line most drawn by customers seeking to purchase a new firearm. My colleagues and I at GunBuyer.com have all been avid shooters for many years, so we are well aware that there are many pistols and revolvers out there within this price point, or just over it, but for all practical purposes I’m just going to cover my top 6 most popular concealed carry pistols choices available in semi-automatic. Feel free to chime in and list your personal favorites, and why, in the Comments section below. I would love to hear them!

The Ruger LCP 380  

Starting with what I believe is the most Popular Concealed Carry Pistols, is the Ruger LCP 380. This particular semi-automatic pistol is generally just on the cusp of the $300 mark, but worth every penny. Right away with this pistol you get Ruger’s outstanding name in reliability, and should anything by chance go wrong, their lifetime warranty as well.  Its extreme sub-compact size makes it very suitable for concealment and carries purposes, whether in your pocket or purse. It’s also very popular with the ladies, being a reputable name brand firearm that also comes in variety of finishes such as pink. Also, do realize that the .380 ACP packs plenty of stopping power when it comes to self-defense purposes. Click here for full spec sheet.

Popular Concealed Carry Pistols Ruger LCP

Smith and Wesson M&P Bodyguard 380

Backed by their famous lifetime warranty and outstanding R&D for the most avid shooters, the Smith and Wesson M&P Bodyguard 380 is no exception. M&P Stands for “Military and Police,” so you can see where they like to acquire the information needed to make some of the best firearms available on the market. One feature that most people like is that the M&P Bodyguard comes standard with a thumb safety, the Ruger and most others in this category will not.

Editor’s Note: Don’t be discouraged if the firearm you like doesn’t have a safety. Being that firearms in this price point are also generally designed for carry and concealment purposes for self-defense, they are designed accordingly. Not having to disengage a safety is a step you don’t have to take should you find yourself in a life-threatening self-defense situation.

The M&P Bodyguard fits very nicely in your hand as well despite its small size. It does have a very long trigger pull, however, the only drawback that I wish Smith and Wesson would remedy. One great feature that the M&P Bodyguard offers is that it also available with a Crimson Trace that is seamlessly built right into the frame. Keep in mind that this option does cross of that $300 mark. But, cool to know! Click here for full spec sheet.

Popular Concealed Carry Pistols Bodyguard 380

Kel-Tec P-3AT 380

The Kel-Tec P3AT 380, another great choice among the most Popular Concealed Carry Pistols under $300. Kel-Tec has been making quite a reputable name for itself with some of its popular line-ups. When I first held this pistol in my hand, the first feeling I got was, “Wow, this thing feels like the squirt gun I used to shoot when I was a kid!” But when you look at the target after you engaged it with repeatedly well aimed shots with ease, you think a little bit differently. At first glance it is very similar in size and shape as the Ruger LCP, but it still has its own unique characteristics, and it costs a lot less too. To me, it is a very practical & easy to use, point and shoot pistol. It’s also the lightest out of all the pistols in this review and most people with limiting strength in their hands appreciate how easy it is to pull the slide back. Click here for full spec sheet.

Popular Concealed Carry Pistols Kel-Tec P-3AT 380

Bersa Thunder 380

Everyone keeps forgetting about these Bersa guns but I’m here to remind you that they are still here! The Bersa Thunder 380 in-fact is my personal favorite. It is the largest in size and weighs the most (18 oz.) with its alloy frame and steel slide compared to all the other lightweight polymer pistols in this review. But this also gives it the characteristic of lowest felt-recoil when shooting. A great feature when you are trying to put multiple rounds on target. It is actually quite amazing the quality of firearm you get when sticking within this price point and I highly recommend checking one out and consider it when making your selection. Click here for full spec sheet.

Popular Concealed Carry Pistols Bersa 380

Taurus 738 TCP 380

Probably the second most popular choice by customers at GunBuyer.com is the Taurus 738 TCP 380. Moderately lightweight with its polymer frame and steel slide, it is second heaviest in this review at 10.2 oz. This excess weight and unique contoured grip minimizes the felt recoil compared to that of the other models as well. Available in all black or 2-tone stainless, as well as pink for ladies! Click here for full spec sheet.

Popular Concealed Carry Pistols Taurus 380

SCCY CPX-3 380

The newest model within the Popular Concealed Carry Pistols – and growing with popularity – is the SCCY CPX-3 380. Designed and built in Daytona Beach, Florida it is another fine choice of American craftsmanship. The makers at SCCY Industries have made one point very apparent when marketing their firearms – they make them available in practically ANY color combination you desire, click here to see what I mean. There is no spec page for this new item on the SCCY website just yet, but it has been producing some very positive reviews.

Popular Concealed Carry Pistols SCCY 380

Last Notes

Keep in mind; there are a lot more choices to choose from when selecting a concealed carry pistol – under the $300 price point, such as other brands and even good quality revolvers. But these choices I feel are the most predominate in the market today and should put you on the right track to making the best choice for you when selecting your firearm. Since everyone is different and no two shooters are the same, it is important to feel the firearm in your hand, and even try before you buy if possible. Many local gun ranges have options where you can rent a firearm and try it out at their range to see if it something you like. Find out what works best for you, and if you any questions in acquiring the model you want, feel free to contact us anytime!


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