So, you’re looking at handguns for concealed carry and you have a strict budget. Let’s say your budget is 500 and less. Which handguns would I pick? Well, I’m glad you asked. Inside that budget level you have tons of options. I’ve found 9 guns that are priced below 500 dollars and are perfect for concealed carry.

9 . The XD-S Mod 2

The Springfield XD-S series made big waves when it was released. The original XD-S was a huge hit and the MOD 2 has improved greatly on the original. The XD-S is one of the few single stacks, concealed carry handguns that comes in a multitude of calibers. This includes 9mm, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP. The gun lacks a manual safety and instead utilizes a grip safety similar to the famed 1911 pistols. There is also a built-in trigger safety. The XD-S Mod 2 features an aggressive grip texture that keeps the small gun locked in your hand. The trigger guard features a deep undercut that allows for a high grip to improve stability and accuracy.

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The XD-S also features:

  • Optional Ameriglo Sights
  • Loaded chamber indicator
  • Small rail for lights or lasers

The XD-S is an excellent gun with awesome ergonomics. This gun is well suited for day to day carry but is still enjoyable to shoot and train with. The XD-S is a simple weapon but being simple makes it effective.


Caliber – 9mm, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP

Capacity – 7/9, 6/7, 6

Width – .975

Weight – 21.5 ounces

View Springfield XDS Models


SCCY is an all-American brand located in sunny Florida. They produce only a few firearms and the few they produce are well made and perfect for concealed carry. The SCCY CPX-2 is my favorite from their line. It’s a 9mm, double stack firearm with a DAO trigger. The CPX-2 is built to be compact and concealable, but still packs 10 rounds of 9mm. The SCCY CPX-2 sports a polymer frame that comes in a wide variety of colors as well as a natural stainless finish or a black nitride finish. The polymer frame helps keep the weight low at only 15 ounces. It’s also only 6.01 inches long, and 1.26 inches wide.

The SCCY CPX-2 sports a DAO trigger that while long is quite smooth and pleasant. The CPX-2 model lacks any form of manual safety which to me is perfectly fine when it comes to a DAO trigger. The CPX-1 does have a manual safety if you prefer that as a feature. The SCCY CPX-2 is a sharp looking gun with an ultra-affordable price tag. The design, in my opinion, is perfect for new shooters. Features that make it new shooter friendly:

  • A long DAO triggers
  • A full-length grip
  • Large and easy to use sights
  • Two ten round magazines

This combination makes it an awesome option for new shooters and the low-price tag is certainly attractive for those on a budget. SCCY is a small company, but their handguns are top notch.


Caliber – 9mm

Capacity – 10

Width – 1.26 inches

Weight – 15 ounces

View SCCY CPX Models

7. Mossberg MC1SC

If you know anything about guns it’s likely that you associate Mossberg with shotguns, which is quite fair. Their 500 series are one of the most popular shotguns to ever exist. Mossberg actually started their business with a handgun called the Brownie. Now over a hundred years later they released the MC1SC. The MC1SC is a striker fired 9mm handgun designed for concealed carry.

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The MC1SC is value priced, but slam packed with features. The MC1SC comes with a 6 round flush fitting magazine and a 7 round magazine that sports a grip extension. What’s truly awesome is that Glock 43 magazines are compatible with the MC1SC. This gives you access to affordable and widely available magazines. Speaking of compatibility, the MC1SC also uses SIG #8 sights. This opens the market up for night sights or high visibility day sights.

The MC1SC sets itself apart not only by making itself compatible with popular gun parts but by providing premium options in an affordable gun. These premium options include:

  • Flat faced trigger
  • Diamond-Like Carbon Coating on slide and barrel
  • Reversible magazine release
  • Safe Takedown system requires no trigger pull when disassembling

The concealed carry market is quite crowded, and it seems like Mossberg knew they would have to produce a high-quality firearm with aftermarket compatibility in place. They did just that, and then made it affordable.


Caliber – 9mm

Capacity – 6/7

Width – 1.03 inches

Weight – 19 ounces

Shop Mossberg MC1sc

6. CZ P10C

This is the biggest gun on the list and if you are a fan of larger than subcompact carry handguns then you are in luck. The CZ P10C is one of CZ’s latest handguns and utilizes a striker fired system over the traditional hammer fired system CZ is known for. The P10C is a compact firearm that sports a 15-round magazine, interchangeable backstraps, as well as an accessory rail for lights and lasers.

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As a bigger gun it’s a little harder to conceal, but it’s a lot easier to shoot. The CZ P10C comes with an amazing factory trigger. It’s smooth and light and the reset provides tactile and audible feedback that’s hard to beat. The P10C features outstanding ergonomics that make it first in its class as far as I’m concerned. The P10C is a joy to shoot and is superbly accurate.  The P10C is compatible with numerous Glock 19 holsters which makes finding holsters easy. On top of all that the P10C features:

  • An aggressively textured frame
  • A high undercut trigger guard
  • All Metal Sights

The CZ P10C is large for a concealed carry gun but with the right holster and belt, you can pack some serious firepower that’s concealable and easy to shoot. The P10C is also affordable, and when you combine it’s features you are getting an amazing firearm for an amazing price.


Caliber – 9mm

Capacity – 15

Width – 1.26 inches

Weight – 26 ounces

Shop CZ P10C

5. S&W M&P Shield 2.0

The original S&W M&P Shield is one of the most successful concealed carry handguns known to man. The S&W M&P Shield 2.0 is an upgrade of the original Shield and incorporated a few new features. The Shield 2.0 is a single stack handgun that comes in either 9mm or 40 S&W.

One of the biggest draws to the Shield line of firearms was the amazing price tag. It was a concealed carry gun from a reputable company that was affordable and easy to find. The Shield 2.0 keeps that same momentum while making some serious improvements. The Shield 2.0 is a refined gun and gives you:

  • A much better trigger
  • Front slide serrations
  • More aggressive grip texture

The S&W M&P Shield 2.0 is an outstanding gun, and much of the original S&W Shield 1.0 aftermarket is compatible with the Shield 2.0. The M&P Shield 2.0 is a lightweight and proven design, that’s affordable, refined, and well made. The Shield 2.0 is an all-around outstanding concealed carry gun for both new and experienced concealed carriers.


Caliber – 9 or 40 S&W

Capacity – 6/7, 7/8

Width – .99 inches

Weight – 18.3 ounces

View S&W M&P Shield M2.0 Models

4. Walther PPS M2

Walther makes tons of awesome concealed carry pistols, including James Bond’s famed PPK. The most modern pistol in their concealed carry stable is one of my personal favorites, the PPS M2. The PPS M1 was my carry gun for years and I loved it, and the PPS M2 takes the original PPS and gives it both a dose of modernism and Americanizes it.

handguns under 500 4

The PPS M2 sports more American controls with a push-button magazine release and a rounder grip. It maintains the small and thin size of the PPS M1 with a more comfortable grip overall. The PPS M2 is a single stack, 9mm handgun that comes with three different magazine options. This includes a 6 round flush fitting mag, a 7 round with a pinky rest, and an 8 round extended magazine with a full grip extension.

This allows you to customize the capacity as well as the size of your gun overall. This level of customization of a carry gun is hard to find. The PPS M2 also offers shooters the following:

  • Full size 3 dot metal sights
  • Superbly smooth trigger
  • Tactile and visible red cocking indicator

The Walther PPS M2 is a modern gun perfect for both James Bond and the concealed carrier. The fact that’s it’s also affordable is just the icing on the cake.


Caliber – 9mm

Capacity – 6, 7, 8

Width -1 inch

Weight – 21.1 ounces

Shop Walther PPS M2

3. Ruger LCR

The Ruger LCR is the only revolver on this list, and the reason being is that it’s one of the most modern and affordable revolvers on the market. The LCR is a revolver that utilizes a polymer frame that reduces weight while keeping the price low but keeps quality high. The LCR comes in various calibers, including 357 Magnum, 9mm, 22 LR, 22 Magnum, and of course the 38 Special.

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When it comes to my personal pick the 38 Special will get the job done extremely well. 38 Special LCRs are typically the more affordable of the centerfire calibers. The LCR is a 5 shot revolver with a metal cylinder and a metal barrel. The rest of the frame is coated with a durable and strong polymer. The gun sports a sub-2-inch barrel and a short set of grips that make the gun easy to conceal.

What else makes it easy to conceal:

  • It weighs only 13.5 ounces
  • It’s only 6.5 inches long
  • Snag free and smooth design

The Ruger LCR is a great choice if you live in restrictive states like California and Massachusetts. It’s legal in both those states. The LCR boasts an amazing trigger, and it’s the best in its class for stock DAO revolver triggers.


Caliber – 38 Special

Capacity – 5

Width – 1.28 inches

Weight – 13.5 ounces

View Ruger LCR Models

2. Glock 43

The Glock 43 made huge waves in the firearms industry. Glock finally released a 9mm, single stack gun designed for concealed carry. The Glock 43 proved itself immediately to be a reliable, easy to carry, and affordable handgun. Glock is famed for their reliability and the Glock 43 is no different.

Every time you pull the trigger the Glock 43 will go bang. It feeds from a 6-round magazine, but there are numerous aftermarket magazine makers that have increased that. The Glock 43 is a lightweight 17.99 ounces and is only 1.06 inches wide. The Glock 43 has the same predictable and consistent trigger pull you’ve come to expect from Glock handguns.

The Glock 43 is also surprisingly affordable and extremely common. Glock sold their 1 millionth Glock 43 in early 2019 and the momentum shows no sign of slowing down. Why would it? The Glock 43 gives users:

  • An extreme degree of reliability
  • A massive aftermarket
  • A small, easily concealable platform.

The Glock 43 is an awesome gun from one of the most reputable firearms manufacturers on the planet. It just so happens to be easy to conceal, powerful, and affordable.


Caliber – 9mm

Capacity – 6

Width – 1.02 inches

Weight – 17.95 ounces

Shop Glock 43 

1. SIG P365

The SIG P365 is my number one pick for a lot of reasons. It has literally changed the concealed carry market. The SIG P365 rides the line on our 500-dollar budget, but the gun is worth every penny. SIG found a way to make a 9mm handgun that holds 10+1 rounds in a gun the size of most single stack 9mms.

handguns under 500 5

Most handguns this size contain 6 rounds, but SIG found a way to shove 10 rounds into that same size platform. Released alongside the P365 was a 12-round extended magazine and today you can even get a 15-round magazine. The P365 has become incredibly successful and is my personal carry gun.

The SIG P365 also packs an excellent trigger, unbeatable ergonomics, and is built to last. The P365 offers users tons of features including:

  • Combination day and night sights
  • Rated for +P ammo
  • Rail for light and lasers

The SIG P365 is an outstanding carry gun and after SIG introduced it the gun world went crazy. The industry is still playing catch-up and trying to match what SIG has done to the concealed carry market.


Caliber – 9mm

Capacity – 10, 12, 15

Width – 1 inch

Weight – 18 ounces

Grab your Sig Sauer P365!

Budget Friendly

Make no mistake about it the concealed carry market is absolutely full of handguns designed for everyday carry. This massive market allows plenty of competition, and with more competition, we have drastically lower prices. These days there is no reason why you can’t find a high quality, concealed carry handgun for under 500 dollars.


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